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Is Keto Diet The Best Way to Lose Weight?

Keto diet seems to be great to lose weight, but it comes with a price.

Keto diet gets the attention of people who want to lose weight fast.


How Does Keto Diet Work?

First, let's talk about macros. They are three: protein, carbs and fat.

Keto is a high-fat diet. Carbohydrates aren't allowed, it's drastically decreased in this type of diet.

When we eat carbs our body break it in glucoses to be used as energy. So, the fat storages won't be used much.

If we cut carbs by 90% we won't have enough energy from carbs and our body will shift and start using the fat storages, so fatty acids, promoting ketosis.

Danger of Keto in The Long-Term

It's not all heaven. Just because it is high-fat diet, it doesn't mean you can eat only bacon and deep fry food.

This is the biggest mistake when someone goes into Keto. It can (and will) increase risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

So, focus on healthy fats. Such as:

  • Avocado

  • Salmon

  • Olive Oil

  • All kinds of Nuts

  • Almond Milk

Also, you can lose lots of muscle in the process because Keto is mainly fat. Eating less protein, you can't preserve muscle mass.

Side Effects of Fast Weight Loss

Fast weight loss can be dangerous to our health and it comes with so many side effects:

  • Headaches

  • Muscle loss

  • Dizziness

  • Fatigue

  • Loosen Skin

Loosen skin is almost irreversible! It's really hard to revert it.

Loosen skin is a response from the rapid weight loss, it's so fast that the skin doesn't have time to recover properly.

What is Keto Diet Secret?

There is no secret. Keto diet works as any other diet, I mean, calorie deficit.

Calorie deficit is secret of weight loss (which isn't a secret anymore). And you have endless options when you know how to apply it.

Dieting don’t have to be hard, you don’t have to restrict anything to get in shape, or lose weight.

The bottom line is, choose a diet that best suits your lifestyle and you can turn it from diet to just eating.

I mean a diet you don't feel like dieting and stick it for life.

In fact, it’s much easier losing weight when you have someone to supporting you, guiding you to your success.

If you ever need help losing weight and getting in shape, we help individuals achieve their best shape without giving up ANY food, or social event.

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Have a great day!

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