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What Is The Best Way To Sustain The Weight Loss?

You can only sustain by doing the same thing you've been doing. This is how to fix it!

To sustain your weight loss you have to keep doing whatever you've been doing.

And that's the primary reason you should start right from the beginning, or it will be quite hard to sustain.

Most of the clients I coach (and most people out there) had amazing results in the past by starving and doing tons of cardio.

You must know that, or have done that:

  • Get up and don't eat anything,

  • Lunch time is a sad chicken salad, no carbs,

  • No snacks and carbs after 6pm is forbidden! 🙄

Can someone live like this for a lifetime? Very unlikely!

However, they get results, they can get to the weight they want successfully (or almost).

But what happens next?

They feel like they can come back eating normal again, but that's the trap because...

All lost weight come back with more extra weight

Why is it hard to sustain the weight loss?

Because they changed their lifestyle to live below health limits in order to lose weight and it's impossible to be sustained.

Do you see yourself not eating cake, pizza, or a small piece of chocolate never again?

It's unrealistic.

Dangerous side effects can come from this unrealistic approach, such as:

  • Headaches

  • Muscle aches

  • Dizziness

  • Develop some eating disorder

  • Regain the weight back

So, what to do then?

First of all, learning how to eat properly and what is really helpful to lose weight.

What truly promotes weight loss is calorie deficit, which is eating less than your body needs.

Eating less doesn't mean starving yourself, it means eating less, maybe 200kcal less.

Also, learning the good eating habits:

  • Drink water

  • Eat veggies and salad

  • Eat complex carbs

  • Eat protein every meal

Plus, exercising daily and move more.

After fixing how you eat, combining with exercise, plus, lots of walking will definitely increase the calorie burning.

Lifting weight is a great option because it will not only burn more fat, but also build muscle.

Cardio also works, but in moderation. Increase cardio time as you go.

Getting help is the best option if you've been trying to lose weight a long time because it's much more likely you succeed.

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Have a great day!

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